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Custom designs specific to your needs.

Customs homes are designed to your personal tastes. Here at Smallwood we are known for our details as well as raising the bar above standard quality. Each home is specifically designed to blend form and function for the owner. Our goal is to design a home that the owner will see and love before we even break ground using our 3d software and real time walkthroughs. We will put you in and fly you around the exterior and interior in order to better picture the house rather than just seeing lines on the paper.

You will recieve:

 - Construction Documents that will include:

    Floor Plan

    Four Elevations

    Site Plan

    Ceiling Plan

    Foundation Plan

    Electrical Plan

 - Estimated cost of your home

 - a PDF and Two physical 24x36 prints of your Construction Documents

This is a builders set of documents that you can take anywhere, whether that's through us at Smallwood Construction or any local business.

The proccess:

 - The first step is getting to know you. We will sit down for a good 30min - 1 hour working session where you will share your ideas, photos, floor plans, wants and needs. This step will provide a good basis for a schematic drawing of your home. Looking at the overall layout we will begin to understand your flow of the home and where rooms are situated.

 - Secondly we will have an open form of communication where we share emails, texts, calls, idea books (houzz) and pins (pinterest). Bouncing around a few ideas before we meet again and discuss for details.

 - The second and third meetings we will discuss the ins and outs of your home, light fixture placements, materials and finishes, even as detailed as outlet locations. 

 - The final meeting will include final drawings, an estimate price and where to go from there. Our plans usually run at a cost per square foot for design only. The next step we can discuss in more detail, whether that's taking it into the construction proccess and getting the plans to the bank, or paying for design only.

conceptual design

the custom home.

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