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the starter home.
custom homes.

The starter home is a cozy residence built to suite your needs. It can be as custom or basic as needed while staying within a strict budget.

Custom homes are a step above the starter homes as far as intricacy of the details go. The design process could take longer as the complexity of the house increases but the end product is geared more towards the customers long term needs.

Remodels take into account many existing factors and marries them together with the clients new needs. This process starts as gathering pre-existing measurements and creating as-builts then creating and 3d modeling the current projects, we then do renderings to understand the changes. Then move onto the actual build process

conceptual work

Commercial design works in similar ways. We begin going over ideas, wants, needs and start to touch base with the requirements by the city and how that will affect the design. Schematic phase is the most important phase and could take the longest. This phase is where all the ideas and layouts are implemented and vetted out, allowing us to start to produce schematic renderings and sketches that can then be taken to the client for personal use or meetings with investors and boards. We provide help wherever it is needed for the project come to life; whether that be holding meetings, doing presentation, videos and provide as much transparency as needed. The project then moves on to design development, working drawings & spec sheets to then ultimately to a finished set of construction documents.



conceptual designs for the home and business.
ranging from eclectic traditional to simplistic modern.


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